Friday, November 11, 2005


Flying Lesson #67: Course Complete

Today I flew with the chief flight instructor to finish up the final stage check. It was a short flight: he just had to watch me do the things I'd do on a cross-country flight (use a navigation log, track a VOR, call the Flight Service Station, ask for flight following, demonstrate pilotage and dead reckoning, etc.). This completes all the lessons in the curriculum.

I did OK, except that I had problems maintaining altitude, and my landing was bad. The chief flight instructor hasn't seen me make a good landing yet—he probably thinks I'm incapable of it.

I've scheduled a couple more practice flights with my flight instructor in the next few days, and then I have the checkride scheduled for next Friday. A week from now, I'll either be a pilot, or I'll be broken and bitter. Either way, I'll commemorate it with a few drinks.

Logged today: 1.1 hours dual in N4363D, with one takeoff and one landing.

One week to go . . .

If you think you can, you can! Keep yourself positive and relax a bit! We'll be ready to celebrate with you!!!
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