Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Flying Lesson #63

Today my instructor and I started the next-to-the-last lesson. This is my instructor's final chance to see what I can do and fix whatever's wrong. The next lesson (the "last one") is a final stage check with the chief instructor.

We flew to the east practice area and did some stalls and other things. We landed at Winder (after a poor approach and a couple of go-arounds), had lunch, then went back into the sky for some hood work. (I used my own new pair of Foggles. I can't believe these cheap plastic glasses cost $27!)

Unfortunately, there was little wind today, so we couldn't do the crosswind takeoffs and landings demanded by the syllabus. I'll have to do those with the instructor on Friday (weather permitting) before the final stage check. I also need some more practice with steep turns.

Logged today: 2.1 hours dual in N9103M, with 0.3 hour simulated instrument conditions, and 5 takeoffs and 5 landings. Cost: $435.69.

One and a half lessons to go . . .

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