Wednesday, November 23, 2005


First Passenger

Technically, the examiner on my checkride was my first passenger, but today I took my first flight with a Private Pilot certificate in my pocket, and Mom joined me. She's the bravest member of my family. Her birthday was yesterday, so I wanted to give her a treat.

The only time she expressed any concern was during my passenger briefing when I told her what to do if the engine catches fire or some other calamity occurs at the ramp. I need to smooth out my briefing so that danger doesn't sound imminent.

We tried to fly over Mom & Dad's house, but couldn't find it when we passed over the area. The area is near a couple of controlled airports' airspaces, so I didn't want to circle around looking for it. I'll look for it again when I'm flying alone some time, so I can point it out to her if she ever flies with me again.

I'll gladly go again!!! It was a great trip and enjoyed every minute, even the pre-flight briefing and the warning about what could happen when you switched tanks! Thanks for a wonderful're company was most enjoyable!
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