Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Talent is Scarce Everywhere

Kevin Barnes has an interesting post about finding coders on the subcontinent, referring to Indian outsourcing. His experience is that finding good programmers in India is very difficult, notwithstanding the conventional wisdom that India is filled with talented software engineers who will work cheap.

The whole overseas outsourcing phenomenon has never worried me. I think that if there is somebody somewhere who will do my job as well as me for less money, then that person should get my job. If I haven't done anything lately to convince my employer that I'm worth my pay, then it would be my own damned fault if I were let go. If I am doing a spectacular job, but my employer doesn't recognize it, then I really need to find another job anyway, whether my job gets outsourced or not.

I'm sure that there are millions of people among the billions on the planet who would be better at my job than I am. But I also know that identifying those people is incredibly difficult. Talent is rare, and recruiting and retaining talented people is always going to be expensive, no matter where one looks.

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