Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Stolen Jet

A small jet was found at Gwinnett County airport this weekend. For a couple of days, how it got there was a mystery, but now an arrest has been made. Apparently it was just a joyride by a 22-year-old pilot, who does have a commercial pilot certificate, but no rating for this type of plane. He took five people along with him, and they turned him in. See and for current details.

(More details are available at, but that site requires registration.)

It looks like the moral of the story is that if you decide to steal a plane, you shouldn't take your friends along.

I understand why someone might want to steal a plane, but I wonder about the five people who thought it would be fun to take a ride in a jet with an unqualified pilot. They claim they were unaware that the jet was stolen, but I wonder how they accepted the fact that a 22-year-old was able to give them a joyride in a seven-million-dollar plane.

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