Sunday, September 04, 2005


Flying Lesson #48

The instructor gave me a call this morning to let me know his schedule was clear (due to it being a holiday weekend). So I went in to the airport to do a debriefing on our Friday night flight, take a pre-solo-cross-country quiz, and do some solo flying in the practice area.

I did fine on the quiz, so this Wednesday, weather permitting, I'll make my first solo cross-country flight. The route goes up to Anderson, South Carolina (AND), then to Athens (AHN) and back to PDK. It shouldn't be difficult—I can just follow I-85 from Atlanta to Anderson, then use the Athens VOR to navigate on the way back.

The solo flight was nice. Visibility was great: I was able to see Sawnee Mountain clearly after taking off, which is about 20 NM away. I practiced steep turns and S-turns. I was sharing the practice area with a couple of other planes, so I made position announcements more often than I usually do.

I made four landings. The air was pretty bumpy near the ground, making the touch-and-goes a little more difficult than usual. My first two were very sloppy, but they got better.

After landing and tying down the plane, I noticed a red fluid seeping through the carpeting in front of the pilot's seat. Red fluid is brake fluid. I hadn't noticed any problems with the brakes. As I walked into the flight school office, they were going through maintenance issues on the school's planes, so I had an item to add.

Logged today: 1.6 hours solo/PIC in N9103M, with four takeoffs and four landings. Cost: $207.

Good work Kris, another milestone under the belt :-).
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