Saturday, September 24, 2005


20-Year High School Reunion

My 20-year high school reunion was held today. I didn't go, but I did get a call from a couple of people who were there, so I was "virtually" there for a few minutes. It was described to me as a bunch of middle-aged people with their high-school-aged children running around.

Why didn't I go? Well, my graduating class had about 350 people in it, but I'd only be interested in catching up with about a dozen of them, and I figured the chances of any of them being there were slim. I'm not a partygoer now, and wasn't a partygoer then. Being a wallflower at yet another high-school function after all these years would have been too depressing.

The reunion was held at a local park. The place where my high school used to be is no longer a high school. The new Roswell High School was built several years after I graduated, and the old building sat there closed for a few years until someone leveled the whole site and built condos.

My mother lobbied very hard for me to go. She has a fantasy that there would be some woman there who has been waiting all these years to confess her secret admiration for me. This woman and I would reconnect, fall in love, and then Mom would get more grandchildren. Sorry Mom—all the good ones are taken, and even before they were taken, they weren't interested in me.

I sometimes think about what I'd say to myself if I could travel back in time and talk to teenage Kris, and tell him what the next 20 years has in store. I'm sure that young Kris would be very happy to know that I'm flying, that I have a 54-inch TV, and that I can play Robotron: 2084 or watch the Star Wars trilogy whenever I want. He'd be disappointed to know that I never got a job as a video-game programmer, that I graduated from the University of Georgia instead of Georgia Tech, and that I don't have a Corvette. I'd try to convince him to spend less time figuring out computers and more time figuring out girls, but it would be no use: kids don't listen.

I don't like parties, but I do like people. If anyone from my high school happens to read this, I really would like to hear from you. Go Hornets!

Great minds think alike!
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