Saturday, August 13, 2005


Welcome New Readers

According to FeedBurner, the number of people subscribed to my blog feed has leaped from 10 to 16 in the past few days. A 60% increase is nothing to sneeze at, but with such small numbers, I'm not sure whether it is "real" or not.

Determining an exact number of readers for my blog is problematic. I don't know how many of those 16 readers are real people reading my feed, which are bots, and which represent the same person reading from multiple computers. I also don't know how many people are subscribed to the Blogger-supplied feed instead of FeedBurner feed, and I don't know how many people read the blog via a web browser instead of a news aggregator.

Anyway, I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome (or re-welcome) everyone reading my blog. I'd appreciate any comments telling me who you are and why you are interested in this blog.

Heya, I read because we know each other from the halcyon days of Ward's Wiki. Though I suppose you probably already knew that.
I'd be one of the non-16; a regular reader (subscriber, if you will :-), but not a feed subscriber.

I'm primarily a "fan" because of your Ward Wiki page about "Developers turned Managers" - I'm a wandering programmer/sysadmin/being-forced-to-be-manager, and can sympathise about being slightly adrift in the bitstream.

(And I had to chuckle about your slow-blow fuse problem; I fell over that trap in the mid-80's, and thought hw-engineers would have been more cluey to that by now :-).

I live nearby in charlotte.. I also recently got my private ticket and I work a lot with linux and other open source software. The weather around here has been killing my flying lately... the last 4 times I've scheduled the plane I've had to cancel... ahh well.. I'm soon to start on the instrument instruction.. do you plan to do that?
Ward's Wiki naturally.

I don't cotton to those durned-fancy RSS aggregators. I like blogs served up in their full html+css glory.
I have your feed bookedmarked on Firefox. I'm a programer who likes flying, so we have something in common.
I am a regular reader Kris, a programmer also who is learning to fly. I wonder why so many pilots are programmers.. :-)

I came across your blog randomly through Blogger. I'm a student in computer science and I think your posts on programming are interesting.

I'm also one of your new readers. I don't really remember how i found my way here... However, I'm also a programmer of embedded systems. I once started taking flying lessons, but had to stop when the Swedish Aviation Authority decided that my vision was to poor :-( On the other hand, I work with full mission trainers for multirole fighters, so at least I get some quite nice simulated flights every now and then.
I read it, but irregularly. Can't remember how I found it, either. Maybe because you read mine.
I read your blog because I remembered your page from the, where you described your burnout experience. I'm the one that left you the link to "Lazy Man's Guid To Enlightement".
I just wanted to see how you're doing.
Thanks for the comments, everyone.

jared: Yes I probably will go for an instrument rating. The immediate plan, after getting my certificate, is to build up cross-country hours for a few months. If flying stays fun, then I'll get instrument training.

aviatrix: I think you found my description of my discovery flight. I didn't know about you until you linked to me.
Hi, Kris. I found your blog because I was googling for "DUAT" and "blog", trying to see if any pilots were talking about the FAA's plans about DUAT and the AFSS.

I have been the lead programmer on DTC's DUAT system for about 18 years, so I found a certain affinity for reading your blogs. I am interested in both your programming comments (I have some of the same issues) as well as an interest in following your flying pursuits. Of course, my particular interest is in your comments about using DUAT, the FAA's cryptic weather data, your use of flight logs for flight planning, etc.

I saw you already know about the flight service specialists are losing their jobs to Lockheed Martin. Did you know the FAA was planning to give the DUAT service to LM too?

Good luck on your flying lessons and your recently modified job plans!
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