Saturday, August 06, 2005


Today I looked at the iTunes Music Store, and noticed that the #8 top downloaded song is Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'".


I watch a lot of TV, and work with a lot of people younger than I, so I have been pretty good at keeping up with pop culture even as I grow older. But I'm stumped by this. Has something happened recently that brought this oldie back into popular conciousness? Or am I just more out of touch than I thought?

Is it cool for me to admit I saw Journey live? Twice?

Is is cool to admit you saw Journey twice??


OTOH, it will give you points when talking to certain women of a certain age. For instance, my 30-something sister would be thrilled. But please know: not all women of all ages will be similarly impressed.
Hey Neal Schon is a heckuva guitarist. That entire band has some incredible musical talent. Some of the songs may be a bit sappy but I'd accept that if it means I get to finally hear an act with some musical ability for a change. That seems to not be cool these days either alas...

...besides, that was a cool video game!
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