Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Ground Lesson #14

We had good weather today. In preparation for our upcoming cross-country flight, the instructor wanted me to plan a short three-leg trip. We would fly it as if it was a real cross-country flight, except we wouldn't land anywhere and I would just simulate the calls to the flight service station and approach controllers.

After doing all the planning (calculating courses, wind correction, groundspeeds, fuel burn, etc.), we found out that no planes were available today. The plane I would have been flying was found with a dead battery this morning, and they hadn't been able to replace it yet. The other planes were in use or undergoing maintenance.

So, we spent the rest of the lesson time going over to the maintenance hanger and looking at some partially disassembled airplanes. One Warrior undergoing a 100-hour inspection had the cowling removed, so we looked at all the stuff inside the engine. The instructor also removed a couple of the inspection panels on the undersides of the wings so that I could see the internal structures and the aileron control linkages. There was also a Seminole jacked up for work on its landing-gear.

Cost for today: $114

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