Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Flying Lesson #43

Again, solo flight in the practice area. I returned to the airport early to do some pattern work, soft-field takeoffs in particular.

I like the solo practice. This is the fun part of flying. I could practice steep turns and ground reference maneuvers all day, not caring whether I'm making "progress" toward any goal. I read one person's account of his long struggle as a student pilot: finances and other problems led to him being a student for a few years, eventually getting his certificate after 120 hours. He said the long wait wasn't really that bad, because once he had his solo endorsement, he could do practically anything that a private pilot can do, except carry passengers. So if all you want to do is fly around a few times a month, there's no rush to get the certificate.

Logged today: 1.8 hours in N4363D, with 5 takeoffs and 5 landings. Cost $188.75.

Being new to your blog.. I've missed what kind of plane you are learning in... I took my check ride in a 152 with about 55 hours... which.. considering all the delays I thought that was pretty good. Since then I've been flying a piper Archer2.. very different feel to this plane.. but much better behaved in a little wind and turbulence. I do think it's good that I learned in a 152 though.. you have to be much more hands on to keep it on the numbers.
I'm flying Piper Warriors. One of the other schools at the airport has a 152, but I think that would be too small for me (unless I can find a 110-pound instructor).

The school just got a new Archer. I may try that out after getting my certificate.
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