Friday, August 12, 2005


Flying Lesson #42: More Solo Practice

Today was a day with great visibility, but the typical scattered afternoon thunderstorms were forecast. We looked at the radar, and there were a few little spots of precipitation here and there, but it was clear enough for the instructor to let me go on a solo flight in the practice area.

The plane hadn't been refueled since its previous flight, so I learned how to call the FBO to get a fuel truck to come top off the tanks. The process was as interesting as it sounds.

There were a few dark clouds, but I didn't encounter any weather problems. I practiced imminent stalls, steep turns, slow flight, turns around a point, and S-turns. The airport was pretty quiet when I got back, which was a pleasant surprise—it can get pretty hectic on Friday afternoons.

Logged today: 1.5 hours solo in N9103M, with one takeoff and one landing. Cost: $157.29.

[Update: The instructor called the following day to tell me that I forgot to tie down the plane after parking it. Oops. I did put the wheel chocks in the right place, so the plane wasn't going to roll away.]

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