Friday, July 29, 2005


Ground Lesson #13

There was an 800-foot ceiling when I got to the airport, so no flying today. I spent the time with the instructor reviewing aircraft systems, using a software package that gave demos of all the systems in a Piper Warrior III. (I fly the Piper Warrior II, but they are similar enough.)

The software was helpful. Previously, I've only studied simplified idealized drawings of the systems in books, or looked and poked at dirty immobile systems while preflighting the plane, so watching the animated 3D stuff filled in some of the gaps in my understanding. And I forget all this stuff every few months, so review never hurts.

I've now had 52 scheduled lessons, and of those I have had to settle for a ground lesson 13 times due to weather or a TFR. That's exactly one out of four. I hope I don't continue to suffer a 25% scrub rate; as summer winds down I hope things will get better.

Total cost: $114.

I started my flight training just about a year ago... things went great at first... but when Jan rolled around I could go having flights scrubbed 3 times in a row... then get one in.. then have another 3 scrubbed. My progress slowed a lot. I would estimate I was delayed about 2.5 months just because of weather. That's how it goes though..
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