Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Flying Lesson #39

Due to haze, visibility was only three miles today. I couldn't fly solo in that visibility (and I wouldn't want to if I could), but the instructor and I made a brief flight into the practice area to do some steep turns, slow flight, and an engine-out simulation, so that the instructor could judge whether my previous solo practice did me any good.

Things were difficult in the reduced visibility. Without being able to see the horizon, judging bank and pitch angles was impossible without looking at the instruments. Even flying straight and level was tough, because I couldn't see anything over the nose except haze. But it was good experience.

A front is passing through in the next couple of days, so I'm hopeful the weather will be better in the coming week.

Logged for today: 1.2 hours dual in N4363D, with one takeoff and one landing. Cost: $263.

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