Friday, July 15, 2005


Flying Lesson #36

We had another day of thunderstorms forecast, but a call to the weather briefer indicated that we wouldn't have any precipitation for a few hours, so I got to fly.

Today's lesson in the curriculum was really just a lot of review of stuff I've already done. This lesson is supposed to come after a couple of solo flights, so that the instructor can determine whether my practicing is making me better or leading me to develop bad habits, but I haven't been able to make any solo flights in the practice area yet.

The cloud ceiling was at around 3,300 feet, but the instructor found a large hole in the clouds and decided we would fly in there. We considered climbing up above the cloud layer, but the danger is that a hole can close and then a VFR pilot has no way to get down, so we stayed within the hole at around 4,500 feet. We basically just flew back and forth, practicing the various kinds of stalls. Unfortunately, a couple of other pilots found Our Hole, and shared our opinion that it was a good place to practice, so I got some collision-avoidance practice in addition to the cloud-avoidance practice.

After doing that for a while, we descended to do some ground-reference maneuvers. On the way down, the instructor pulled the power. I did a fairly good job of handling the simulated engine-out. When we got down to my landing site, it turned out that the field was a little shorter than I had thought, but it had an uphill slope, so I probably could have landed safely.

After some S-turns over GA 400, we headed back to the airport. Radio traffic was crowded on the way in, as some confused yahoo had just misheard a radio call for another plane and taxied across a runway without permission (this is known as a "runway incursion"), so the controller was busy sorting everything out. I made a harder-than-desired landing on runway 20L, because that runway is narrower than the runway I usually land (20R), and so I thought the plane was higher than it really was. I make this same mistake every time I land on that runway; I hope I'll learn the lesson someday.

The thunderstorms finally hit as I was driving away from the airport.

For today: 1.8 hours dual in N4363D, with 0.3 hours hood time and 1 takeoff and 1 landing. Cost: $331.

Glad your actually having fun and got to fly even though the weather wasn't 100% cooperating.

FWIW, your Google Adwords on your blog seem to think that you are terrified of flying. (grin)

As just displayed:

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Heh.. It's amusing to see what Adwords comes up with for varying blogs, especially when they are aviation related.
I saw something similar a few weeks ago:

Recently I saw a bunch of family/Christian links. I have no idea what triggered those.
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