Friday, July 01, 2005


Flying Lesson #34: Stage Check

I had my stage check with the chief flight instructor today. I did a few embarrassingly stupid things, but the bottom line is that I "passed" and I will be allowed to fly solos in the practice area. The chief instructor gave me two pages of handwritten notes about things I need to improve. My regular instructor and I will be reviewing my weak areas in subsequent lessons.

So now it is on to cross-countries, night flying, and some more advanced flying skills. The next stage check will be just before my first solo cross-country.

I also had a lesson scheduled with my regular flight instructor, but the stage check ran an hour over, and by the time my regular instructor and I looked at the weather, it appeared that thunderstorms would be rolling in too soon for us to get any flying done, so instead we just stayed on the ground and started planning for a cross-country flight to Chattanooga.

Costs for today: $433 for the stage check with the chief flight instructor; $57 for the ground time with my regular instructor.

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