Friday, July 08, 2005


Airplane-Crash Journalism

A big pet peeve of pilots is the inaccuracy of reports about plane crashes. It seems that almost every report of a small-plane crash contains ridiculous elements, such as referring to the ill-fated aircraft as a "Cessna Warrior" (Warriors are manufactured by Piper), or as a "twin-engine Cessna 172" (172's have a single engine), or as a "Cirrus aircraft built from a kit" (Cirrus manufactures very expensive airplanes that are not kits). Eyewitness reports are often completely inaccurate, and the journalists who write the stories clearly know nothing about General Aviation.

To make the journalists' job easier, The Lazy Journalists Plane Story page makes it easy to fabricate a ridiculous story about any plane crash. It appears to be focused on lazy Australian journalists, but with a little tweaking, it should work for US air crash stories as well.

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