Thursday, June 16, 2005


New Look for the Blog

I've selected a new template from Blogger's collection of page layouts. The old layout had a fixed horizontal width, which caused code listings to get cut off on the right side. (Maybe one of you web designers out there can tell me why you think non-resizable layouts are a good idea.) The old one had the sidebar on the right, causing long lines in blog entries to run over into the sidebar. The old one relied on some bitmap images, which sometimes took a noticeable amount of time to load. Finally, I didn't really like the font sizes on the old layout, but I didn't want to muck around with the CSS to try to fix them.

The new look fixes those issues. I don't know what new issues will arise, but so far, I think it's an improvement.

It's almost 2:00 AM. Time to stop messing around with the blog and go to bed. Right after I tweak just a few more things.

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