Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Flying Lesson #31

It's been four weeks since the last time I performed a stall, a steep turn, or slow flight, so I wanted to practice those maneuvers before my stage check.

Everything went pretty well. I had trouble keeping altitude during slow flight, but the instructor said that was due to weather conditions, not me. The only real problem I had was with right steep turns. The left steep turn was almost perfect, but my turns to the right just weren't working.

The instructor thinks I'll do fine on the stage check, which will be this weekend if the chief instructor and I can arrange a time. My instructor gave me the option of skipping my normal Friday lesson this week, as we can't go forward in the curriculum until after the stage check, but I have nothing else to do on Friday, so I figure a little more practice can't hurt.

By the way, somebody else experienced a problem with the push-to-talk button on N9103M earlier this week, so my difficulty with it last time was not just idiocy on my part. There is a loose wire. It was working fine today, but I was continuously prepared to due some wire jiggling.

For today: 1.6 hours dual in N9103M, with one takeoff and one landing. Cost: $298.88.

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