Friday, June 10, 2005


Flying Lesson #28

According to the flight school's lesson plan, I need to get another half-hour of solo flight in the traffic pattern, for a total of one hour, then I'll get to do a stage check with the chief flight instructor. If I prove myself proficient to his satisfaction, then I'll get to start making solo flights to the local practice areas and start the cross-country portion of the curriculum.

There were thunderstorms moving in when I got to the airport today, so we did some ground work, practicing procedures in the simulator in preparation for the stage check.

After an hour of that, the thunderstorms had passed, so we were hoping I'd get to do my remaining solo half hour. Unfortunately, there was a gusty crosswind, so the instructor flew with me. I got a half hour of flying, with three landings, but they weren't solo. The irony is that these landings were better than the ones I did in calm winds on Wednesday. I would have done fine on my own, but there's nothing wrong with being cautious.

Logged today: 0.5 hours dual in N9103M, with three takeoffs and three landings. Along with ground and simulator time, the cost was $226.01.

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