Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Book Watch

When I buy books, I put them on the coffee table when I get home, intending to pick them up whenever I'm on the couch with nothing better to do. And there they sit, often for months, gathering dust as new purchases are added on top of the stack. When the pile of books on the coffee table gets too high, I move a few to the Shelves of Books I'll Never Read. They sit in the Shelves until the next time I move, when they go to Goodwill. I think I only read about a third of the books I buy.

To curb this progression, I'm going to periodically list the books that are on my coffee table, and will try to get them off the list by reading them instead of by merely cleaning house.

On the coffee table right now:

Of those, I've only read the Weinberg but it's worth your time.
Ditto for Weinburg. Excellent book. Read his book on consulting too.
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