Monday, May 30, 2005


My Kind of Programmer

From, I found an article by an Apple-employed blogger explaining what happens if one sends a message to the nil object in Objective-C.

Sending a message to the nil object is not a particularly useful thing to do, and most programmers wouldn't bother to find out what the effect is, but this programmer has taken the time to figure out exactly what happens. There's no fear of assembly language, no problem with delving into the Power PC Runtime Architecture Guide for low-level details on the calling conventions, and the whole thing is presented in an easily understandable way (for programmers, anyway). I don't know the reason the blogger needed to figure this out, but I suspect it was just a desire to know.

I'd hire this person immediately, based solely on this one blog entry. It tells me more about the person's skills and attitude that any resumé or hour-long interview could. I know this person is a better programmer than anyone I've ever interviewed. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), Apple is a more attractive employer than I could ever be.

There have to be more people like this out there. Why are they so hard to find? And how can I get a job at the companies that value them?

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