Tuesday, May 31, 2005


A Milestone Reached

About a year ago, I started work as technical lead to develop a new product for my company. Today, we finally got the last piece of functionality working at the customer's site. I can finally say that I'm finished.

The project is not finished; there are still many more features the marketing people want to add. So it will go on, but not with me as the lead. I'll still be connected, and I'll help out as needed, but any new problems that come up will be somebody else's problems, not mine.

If this milestone had been reached six months ago, I might have been proud of my accomplishment. I might have been willing to stay on as the lead. But the last six months have been such a long depressing slog that I'm just glad it's over.

(raising a glass of bourbon) Here's to my next assignment...

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