Saturday, May 21, 2005


iMac With Headphones

Reasoning that my apartment neighbors probably don't want to hear Hüsker Du cranked up at 2:00 AM, I plugged some headphones into my iMac. When I plugged the phones in, the iMac's speakers were automatically disabled, as I expected. However, when I remove the headphones, the speakers don't start working again. I have to reboot the iMac before sounds are restored.

I'm hating this Macintosh more every day.

That's not normal Macintosh activity.

Methinks you've got either (a) a hardware failure or (b) a bug in Tiger.

I'm sorry you've got problems with your iMac G5. Anytime you want to trade with my circa 2001 iMac DV SE, please let me know... :-D
Yeah, I think it worked before Tiger, so it could be a Tiger bug. It could also be some sort of hardware failure, maybe related to the CD-ROM failure, but I doubt that because the iMac has no problem detecting when a plug is inserted, and everything is fine after a reboot.

It really bugs me that in six months with an iMac, I've had more problems than in the last five years with a Wintel box. It's too bad, because there is a lot to like about the Mac, but Apple's quality control has really declined in recent years, if my experience is in any way typical.
I'm really glad I didn't upgrade right away. I've been reading that Panther is the buggiest Mac OS X release since 10.1.

Over the years, I've adopted a wait-and-see stance on new Apple hardware. It used to be because I couldn't afford the new systems, but by now it just makes sense. If Dell or Compaq releases a turd, word will get out and people will buy other models. Back when Apple had umpteen different products, they released their fair share of crap and you could buy around it (did anyone buy the LCII?)

But nowadays, they only have a hand-full of product lines. If the initial 100,000 units of the Mac mini are turds, Apple will fix the problem in the next 100,000 units. My goal is to be in the second batch. I know that's not bleeding edge, but when you're on the bleeding edge, sometimes you get bloody.
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