Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Flying Lesson #25

I had a double-length lesson today. It was a great day for it: light winds, scattered clouds at 6,000 ft (far above the altitudes I'd be flying), great visibility, and a high temperature of 76 degrees, which is very cool for Georgia this time of year.

I practiced simulated instrument flight, a few different kinds of stalls, engine-out procedures, flight at minimum controllable airspeed, then did a bunch of touch-and-goes at Winder-Barrow Airport (WDR). I wasn't happy with my landings, but the instructor said I'm doing fine. My problem is that I usually land a little bit sideways, and he said he hadn't really cured that problem in his own flying until he was in his CFI training.

We did a full-stop landing at WDR to take a little break. We checked out the pilot lounge, which was a little spartan in comparison to the luxurious lounge at PDK's Epps Aviation facility. I bought a really good cookie at the Spitfire Deli.

After the break, we did a little more airwork (stalls and steep turns), then flew back to PDK. Things at PDK had been pretty quiet when we left, but were pretty busy on the way back. All the local news helicopters were taking off to cover a story (some guy was threatening to jump from a crane downtown), and we saw jets lined up on the taxiways waiting for their turns to take off. We got our clearance to land, but as we turned onto final we noticed a plane still sitting on the runway in front of us. So we had to go around that first time, but got to do a couple more circuits before a full-stop landing.

For today: 3.1 hours dual in N4363D, with 9 takeoffs and 9 landings, and 0.4 hours simulated instrument. Cost: $511.

Next time, we're going to do "spin training," meaning that we'll practice getting into and out of spins in the Cessna 172 (the Piper Warrior isn't certified for intentional spins). The instructor warned me to eat light that morning, avoiding any foods that might not want to stay in my stomach. It sounds like fun. I'll also be taking the school's pre-solo written test.

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Kris, when are you going to Solo? It seems like you should be very close!
I should be soloing within the next week or so. I think the instructor just needs to see me fly a couple more hours without doing anything stupid.
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