Friday, May 13, 2005


Flying Lesson #22

I had a lesson scheduled today from 10:00 to 3:30. We decided to fly toward Winder-Barrow Airport (WDR), have a lunch break there, and then fly back to PDK. It was very hazy today, with visibility around 5 miles, but that didn't pose a problem because we knew how to get where we were going.

I practiced a few stalls. We were practicing these at 5,500 feet MSL, which was pretty clear when we started but which filled with clouds after a while. So we descended down near the surface to do some ground reference maneuvers, including a wind circle, rectangular course, and turns around a point.

We did a couple of touch-and-goes at WDR, then did a full-stop landing and taxied over to the building that holds the airport's administrative offices and the deli. The food was good, and there was a very pretty young woman behind the counter. The instructor now wants to talk all of his students into having lunch over there.

After lunch, we hopped back into the plane (after another full preflight inspection) and flew back to PDK, tracking a VOR for a while and then using the ADF (Automatic Direction Finder) to track toward a local AM radio station.

PDK was pretty busy as we approached. We had to wait a couple of minutes for a pause in the radio traffic where we could announce our intentions. We were cleared to land on runway 20 Left, but just as we turned onto final the tower asked us to switch to 20 Right. So I slipped over to the right runway, but then the tower said "Disregard last instruction; cleared to land runway 20 Left." So I slipped back over to the left runway. These changes screwed up my approach a bit, so my landing wasn't pretty. After landing, we got some more confusing instructions, so the instructor handled taxiing back to the ramp.

For today: 2.7 hours dual in N4363D, with 4 takeoffs and 4 landings. Cost: $314.12 (I'm not sure this is correct: I got charged for 2.7 hours in the plane, but for only 1 hour with the instructor).

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