Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Domain Down

The domain has not been working for a few days. I received notification that the domain has expired, but no instructions about what to do to renew it. I've sent e-mails to my domain registrar and ISP asking what I need to do, but have received no responses.

One benefit of this is that I'm receiving a lot less spam because mail to my addresses are no longer being forwarded, but it means I may not be receiving important e-mails. So, if you've been trying to reach me by e-mail, and have not received a response, this may be why. If you're somebody I really want to hear from, you probably know another way to reach me.

[UPDATE 2005/5/27: I finally made contact with somebody who admitted to knowing something about my domain. Everything's back to normal. I received 653 spam e-mails overnight.]

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