Thursday, May 26, 2005


Can't Print

Another complaint about my iMac: Since installing Tiger, I can no longer print to the HP DeskJet printer that is shared from my Windows box.

I haven't figured out the problem yet. It's possible that Windows is the problem, but all this stuff worked before I installed Tiger on the Mac. Nothing has changed in my Windows box for ages.

So my workaround is to "print" to a PDF file on the Mac, copy the PDF over to the Windows machine, then print there.

[UPDATE: I got everything working again my deleting the printer and recreating it on Tiger. Not too bad, I guess, but this is the kind of crap that Mac users didn't have to deal with back in the good old days.]

It might be nothing, but you might be able to follow these directions and possibly fix your problem.

I don't know how things work with printing to windows, whenever we have problems printing (usually due to an upgrade), I just delete the printer and reinstall the driver.

Sean O
Yes, I suspect I'll just have to delete and recreate the printer. I just haven't had the temerity to try it yet. The Mac has beaten me into submission.
>>the kind of crap that Mac users didn't have to deal with back in the good old days.

As a Mac user since 1985 and one of your intelligent, discriminating readers, I've got to take you to task.

Using the print utility to delete and setup a printer that stopped working isn't what I call an unreasonable action given the following:

* The printer is attached to a windows machine
* The printer stopped working after a major upgrade of the operating system.

With my old Epson printer, I'd probably do that once a quarter. Why? I dunno. I like to blame the POS printer. Those bottom-of-the-line Epsons weren't printers so much as they were ink consumption devices.

I got so sick of buying a new one every year (after rather minimal use) that I bought a mid-price Canon. What I really want is to buy a B&W laser printer, but my wife needs color, I'm to cheap to buy a color laser printer, and I refuse to muck up our office with a second printer.
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