Saturday, March 26, 2005


Sold the Mustang

Today I finally sold my 1994 Mustang. Selling a car to CarMax was, as expected, not quite as easy as buying a car from CarMax, but was still pretty painless. The appraisal took about half an hour, then it took about forty-five minutes for them to go over the paperwork, do a check on the title and the car's history, "secure the car" (whatever that means), get me to sign some documents, and then give me a bank draft. So, the total time in the store was less than 90 minutes, but I was able to stretch it out for four weeks by not having all my stuff (title, registration, valid driver's license) ready back when I bought the Protegé.

The Mustang was my first brand-new car, paid for entirely by myself without any parental help, so in that way it was special. The problem with new cars is that they don't stay new for very long. I liked it when I bought it, but a few months later the shine had worn off and I realized I'd bought a car I couldn't really afford. The car payment, insurance, gas, and maintenance cost me over $700 per month, and that was back when I was only making about $28K/year. But I made the payments, helped by a steep increase in salary during the late 90's, and after it was paid off I decided I'd keep it until it fell apart.

My parents ask me if I'll miss it. I don't have any emotional attachment to it; it's just a vehicle. It's been pretty reliable over the years, but I suspected it was nearing the point where stuff was going to be continually breaking. A ten-year-old dented "redneck car" wasn't really the image that I wanted to portray, so I'm glad to be rid of it.

I just sold my car to CarMax this past Friday. Can You tell me how long it took for their bank draft they gave you to clear and the funds become available to you? My Bank has only been able to tell me that it will be some where between 3 and 10 working days. Thanks for the info.
Sorry, I don't remember how long it took.
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