Saturday, March 12, 2005


The Relief of Leaving a Job

Jeremy Zawodny has a link to an article I want to read when I have time: On the surface, it looks like just another variation of the "Do what you love" career philosophy, but maybe there is more to it.

A few weeks ago when I quit my job (before un-quitting), I wrote this sentence:

The two happiest days associated with any job are the day you are offered the job, and the day you quit.

I deleted that line before publishing the blog entry. It wasn't a thought I wanted associated with me. It expressed my relief at putting an end to an unpleasant job, but It makes me sound like a life-long job-hopper. That's not what I want to be. I really do want to find a job where I'll be happy for a few decades. I don't want the happiest day of my life to be the day when I retire; I want it to be the day when I realize that I've finally made the right choice of career.

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