Thursday, March 24, 2005


The Office

The BBC series "The Office" is one of those wonderful things you only run across once a decade or so. NBC's version of the series premiered tonight, and looks like it will be a pretty faithful rendition of it. They didn't American-ize it too much. I was afraid NBC would add a laugh track and fill it with perky celebrities, but instead they kept the low-key dry humor that makes the British series so great.

The NBC show has the same characters (with different names) that the BBC show has, but the American actors aren't mimicking the performances of the British actors. Steve Carell of "The Daily Show" captures the essence of Ricky Gervais's insensitive arrogant "David Brent" character but does it in his own way. With luck, the producers will duplicate the chemistry of the original series without making it just a remake.

The original BBC series is airing on BBC America this weekend. If you've never seen it, do. If you just watch a couple episodes, you'll have to watch the rest of the series. Ricky Gervais, star and co-writer of the BBC show, is a friggin' genius.

Unfortunately, I don't have high hopes for the NBC series. If they do it right, the ratings will suck, and if they change it to get better ratings, it won't be worth watching.

Kris this is David Liu from C2 Wiki. I am disappointed to see your note about leaving C2, because I have learn a lot from your insights on Management matters. I have left my Meatball wiki link in case you have some hints for me where to discuss and exchange views on management related material. I will try to stay on C2 as long as I can.
Sorry, but I don't have any hints on where to find good material on management. It seems to me that the best way to become a good manager is to work for a company that has good management.

It's a shame that C2 has imploded like it has. Maybe a rebirth is possible, but I don't see any positive steps being taken yet.
Kris thanks for responding. C2 is recovering a bit. Longer term I am hoping another wiki such as Community Wiki started by Alex Schroeder would provide a secondary backup source.

I hope you have not written off the concept of wiki yet. Meanwhile with your permission, I will use your PleaForBetterWiki page there to discuss community rebuilding.

What do you mean by "imploded"?
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