Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I Do Like My Flight Instructor

My mother asked me whether I am still thinking about getting another flight instructor, or if I am getting along better with my current instructor. I didn't understand this question, because I'm very happy with my flight instructor and have not had any misgivings about him. When I asked Mom why she thought I didn't like the instructor, she said she read it in my blog.

Hmmm. I never intended to express any dissatisfaction with the instructor, and re-reading my old entries, I can't find anything that I think could be interpreted that way. When I pressed Mom, she couldn't point out anything in particular; she's using some sort of magical female reading-between-the-lines ability to judge my true feelings.

So, anyway, I'd appreciate it if somebody else can tell me if they got that same impression, and what I wrote that created the impression. Maybe it's poor writing, or maybe I really hate my instructor but am in denial.

(BTW, my mother and my boss read my blog. That's probably the ultimate nightmare for a lot of bloggers, but since my name is on this thing, I'm careful not to write anything that I wouldn't be willing to say to anybody I know.)

I think your original post about the instructor indicated that you weren't going to name him in case you wanted to say negative things about him.

I have noticed frustration in your flight school blog entries, but I thought it was your frustration with yourself.

Your mother, incapable of feeling frustration with her well-adjusted grown son, might be projecting your frustration onto your instructor. Maybe there's a syndrome? We could call it "annoyance-by-proxy".
Thanks for the comments. I suspect you are right about Mom's interpretation of the situation: "Somebody's being mean to my little boy."

My decision to not name the instructor is not so that I can say bad things about him. It is so that he doesn't get blamed for stupid things I do, or so that he doesn't get in trouble if I recount events that turn out to violate regulations.

Keeping the instructor anonymous also helps me to stay focused on who's really important: Me!
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