Wednesday, March 16, 2005


The FAA Continues to Spin Its Wheels

Complaining about bureaucratic inaction is like complaining about the weather: it has no effect on the problem. I'm blogging my experiences with the FAA primarily just to keep a record of when conversations occurred and what the outcome was. If you don't care to read more rants about the FAA, you can stop reading here.

I called the FAA again today to check on the status of my medical certificate. This time, the person I talked to said he couldn't determine its status. He could see that somebody looked at it since the last time I called, but that's all the information he had. He's going to print something out and send it to a supervisor for review. He recommended that I give them a call toward the end of next week.

Whenever I call the FAA, images and music from the movie Brazil go through my mind.

It's been five and a half weeks since I had the exam, and I still have no idea when I'll get the certificate. I'm considering suspending my lessons until this gets resolved, as the school isn't letting me progress without it. I don't want to put things on hold, but my budget won't allow for burning through an extra couple grand while waiting. I'll talk to the instructor about it today.

[Update 2005/3/18: The FAA says I'm certified, and my certificate is in the mail.]

Your sound track is correct. You should have seen the complex in OKC.
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